Isabel Toledo Floor Length Lamé Gown Liquid Gold

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  • THE gown for a modern day goddess. It is the kind of art meets fashion that the Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo is famed for and we can easily picture this regal silk lamé gown turning heads at state functions. Constructed fantastically in a lamé fabric and the color that can only be described as liquid gold, it has double lining for full volume and shape, blouson bodice with ruching and the bottom hem is done in the most elegant picot trim.  For detailing, it features delicately frayed edges across the shoulders and waist and a bow in the front center waistline. It has a draped V-neck in the front and a slit opening in the back from the nape to the small of your back  accompanied by a zipper and a button closure. This is a special gown meant for a special occasion, and as such attention to finer and final details should be given consideration. We only hope that your date for the evening can live up to this dress and you, the belle of the ball! It can be ordered to your measurements, just send us all your information so you can enjoy your own custom toledo wonder!