Isabel Toledo Caterpillar Gown Black

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Isabel Toledo turns up the elegant, sexy volume with this slimming sleeveless black dress. The asymmetrical front-to-back ruching creates a caterpillar-like effect that brings out the elegance of the fabric which falls gracefully over the body, and it creates a kind of billowy effect at the top portion of the back. The skirt comes down and covers your feet so you can wear flats or heels to adjust the length. It is made with stretchy rayon with no zip for an easy slip-on wear. There’s no lining so you have the option of going au natural or wearing a slip dress or Spanx under for the flawless silhouette. This garment is made with only one long, curved seam that arches up and around the right hip. This is a timeless piece with a modern detailing you’ll never be tired of. Isabel Toledo is renowned for creating pieces that celebrate being feminine and unique at the same time and undoubtedly you will feel both when you slip into this slinky hot number. It can be ordered to your measurements, just send us all your information so you can enjoy your own custom toledo wonder!

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