Isabel Toledo Pleated Taffeta Dress

Title Isabel Toledo Pleated Taffeta Dress (Color: Indigo)
2,800.00 CHF

Product details

This is the ultimate dress for women by woman and that woman happens to be awesomely talented Isabel Toledo. With all the richness of the material you might think this dress might be too heavy on draping but the moment you put it on you understand the genius behind it which is that it feels perfectly natural on the body. It has a full skirt with pleats in the center that comes down below the knee, cinched waist with a belt tie and a deep V-neck. It is sculptural yet fluid which culminates in timeless glamour. And in the way that great fashion is meant to be it changes your posture and magically alters your demeanor (you feel more wise and graceful, for real!) – in a way it makes you better you – and basically you don’t want to take the dress off. It can be ordered to your measurements, just send us all your information so you can enjoy your own custom toledo wonder!