Peaks and Dunes II  : a Swiss-Middle East cultural dialogue concept

The nomadic fashion platform SEPTIEME ETAGE brings the “Peaks & Dunes” exhibition pop up to Dubai. Curated by Katharina Sand, it activates fashion to encourage the exchange of ideas and design culture. This summer SEPTIEME ETAGE presented exquisite and edgy designs from both regions in Geneva, alongside the internationally acclaimed Mode Suisse platform. This November, we are delighted to take this dialogue to Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue, the region’s foremost arts and culture neighborhood. 

Alongside 7 designers from each region we will exhibit streetstyle photographed by Swiss cultural explorer Yvan Rodic (aka The Facehunter), the book  “Under the Abaya: Saudi Street Style” by Marriam Mossalli (one of Business of Fashion’s “BOF 500”), a fashion VR experience by Marine Giraudo featuring the work of highly acclaimed Swiss designer Vanessa Schindler, a selection of publications from both regions including WATAD magazine, projections courtesy of the FLUXLABORATORY, illustrations, scents, and tastings. A series of panel talks with key fashion and culture experts will also animate further exchange.

Fashion is a cultural phenomenon that enables exchange and collaboration in a way that is highly accessible. An economic, social and cultural practice, garments transmit memory, craft and values. Beyond spoken and written language, fashion is personally experienced by each individual and at the same time defines urban spaces through each garment in motion. Pivotal to identity and highly evocative, each fashion item is also reinterpreted by its wearer.

Location : Warehouse 58, The Yard, Alserkal Avenue, 10 am - 7 pm daily

+ Late nights until 9 pm on November 12th and 14th

Garments : 

- a selection of 7 young and upcoming designers from Switzerland, including Vanessa Schindler, winner of the Hyères Festival ( and a favorite of fashion editors worldwide, YVY from Zurich whose fans include Cardi B and Taylor Swift, as well as rising sustainability fashion star Rafael Kouto. We will also be presenting “garment objects designed with and for the wind” by Swiss fashion innovator Lela Scherrer, inspired by the Transdisciplinarity Research Group at the Zurich University of the Arts (whose windtunnel research was exhibited at the Venice Research Pavillion). The work of several exceptional fashion graduates will also be featured, including graduates from the internationally acclaimed Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD – Genève), one of the foremost art and design schools in Europe. 

- a selection of 7 young local designers including Abadia, Bedouin Studios, and Faissal El Malak. SEPTIEME ETAGE also invited fashion icon Marriam Mossalli (@shoesandrama, elected as one of the top 500 most influential people in the fashion industry), Swiss-based Middle Eastern blogger Yousra Zein (@hayekk) and Dubai fashion expert Manal Waqi (@theamanqiedit)  to each pick a designer (to be announced at the opening).


Photo exhibition 

14 framed images by world famous Swiss street style photographer and cultural explorer Yvan Rodic (“The Facehunter”), showcasing streetstyle from both the Middle East and Switzerland. In dialogue with the publication "Under The Abaya : Street Style from Saudi Arabia" by Marriam Mossalli, which showcases the female and Middle Eastern counterpart perspective.

VR exhibition installation created by Marine Giroudo for Vanessa Schindler and exhibited at the Hyères Festival.


A curated selection of publications from both regions : Swiss magazines in dialogue with local publications such as Dubai-based WATAD magazine, as well as illustration and fashion theory books including the seminal “Fashion Curating”  by Luca Marchetti.


Innovative projects encouraging artistic expression across borders:  collaboration with Geneva based FLUX Laboratory (, and a screening of “Potions and Pomegranates” by Amirah Tajdin starring Dana Hourani for Faissal El Malak.


Personal Cosmos, Velvet Monster and Happy Faces by contemporary Swiss art-duo Wiedemann Mettler, Illustrations by Swiss-Persian illustrator Monica Valdivia, Room fragrances by kuikui for YVY, Towels project and Nebula changing room installation by Schönstaub, “Fashion Is Fiction” pins by Basel and New York based designer Nina Britschgi, Creativi-Tea by Tania’s Teahouse Techarc and Caran d’Ache Atelier.



Fashion is both a commercial and creative practice, and it defines our experience of the world as well as the spaces in which it is produced, displayed, and worn.  

Retailers, journalists and designers including Dubai based designer Faissal El Malak /  Moderated by Katharina Sand founder SEPTIEME ETAGE and Mode Suisse ambassador.

MEANING & VALUES   Nov 12th 4 pm 

Fashion as transmission of values: craft, skills, memory and identity and sustainability in the age of globalization:  ABADIA Designer Shahd AlShehail / Lujain Abulfaraj (co-founder Twothirds Design Studio) / WATAD Magazine / Sass Brown, Founding Dean Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation. Moderated by Katharina Sand founder SEPTIEME ETAGE and Mode Suisse ambassador

DIGITAL WORLDS   Nov 14th 6 pm 

This panels aims to explore how the digital realm is impacting the burgeoning local creative economies versus the traditional fashion capitals, enabling new value creation and opportunities

photographer/cultural explorer Yvan Rodic (@facehunter)  / blogger Yousra Zein (@hayekk) /  cultural entrepreneur and cartographer Sofiane Si Merabet @theconfusedarab  / Andraya Farrag  (designer Bedouin Studios) / (+ TBC special guest)  Moderated by Katharina Sand founder SEPTIEME ETAGE and Mode Suisse ambassador

Followed by screenings and an evening of Pomegranates and Tea ( with Creativi-Tea by Tania’s Teahouse Dubai) until 9 pm 


For more information please contact: 

Katharina Sand, SEPTIEME ETAGE ,