Because SPRING is all about

blossoming and


we could not be more delighted to welcome




The first exhibition of the Brooklyn-based collaborative duo Emma Fletcher and Tamara Schlesinger

takes photography to another dimension – in more ways than one.

Each woman portrayed is both stunningly beautiful – and a woman of substance.

Softer than imposing screen goddesses of days past,

their girlcrush selection ranging from actress Michelle Williams

to Hollywood stylist Heidi Bivens to artist India Salvor Menuez

are all iconic in their own raw and contemporary way.

Each is first photographed and then thoughtfully “pushed” with a personalized tactile technique. Jemima Kirke of “Girls” fame is transformed with a lush sweet collage and then layered over soft velvet, reminiscent of that first sticky sugary cocktail you spilled as a teenager – both sugary sweet and bad ( in the best way).

The Paris Review contributor slash Model pixie Hayley Benton Gates is pleated into a Belle Epoque fan that Marguerite Duras would have used in the sweltering humid heat of pre-war Indochina while hammering away on her typewriter.

Watch this space and our Facebook and Instagram for the luminous and profound facettes of each portrait.

Visit our gallery floor and feel the threedimensional presence of The Pushpose.

Like one of those futurist dinner during which guests were told to stroke velvet as they ingested oranges, listened to the sound of a whirling propeller and inhaled perfume, we believe the work is best taken in while resting on the ingenious tactile “Le Borne” chair and the the textured concave “Le Blanc” by furniture designer and scenographer

Juliette Roduit.