We have been busy busy busy. First feelings for feathers. Damara built a golden tipi in the store, we fluffed our windows and swathed the mannequins in feather headdresses. It all went by too quickly! Then our next idea hit us like a meteor, and this time ...


Now we are already traveling light years beyond, and created an intergalactic twinkling world of stars in the stores. Which brings us to the age-old Ziggy Stardust question: What's your Sign?

We spent days and nights gazing at ancient books and computer screens, sifting through all the advice being given by various oracles, and came up with some surefire recommendations that combine fashion and astrology. Whether you are a sultry Scorpio or an sensual Bull, we have a rack all prepared for you - so time to travel through inner and outer space and discover whether red is right for you.

Space is the place and your future just around the corner, written in the stars (and on our Facebook page - lookout for your astrology fashion portrait and some matching tunes to put you in that twinkling mood).

But the stars in the heavens do not just inspire astro-fashion, robots, rockets, ray guns, and rock chicks, but have an universal beauty that touches us deeply, we also want to share the upcoming exhibit at Paris Photo starting on the November 10th (http://www.danielblau.com/fairs-events/2011/paris-photo-2011):

Daniel Blau: Saturn's Ring System, NASA VOYAGER

...and courtesy of our dear friend Chantal we discovered the most delightful pictures of (star) dust we have ever laid eyes on: The work of artist Eva Stenram (http://www.evastenram.co.uk/pages/mum-14.htm):

Eva Stenram Per Pulverem Ad Astra A.1

On this note, shimmer on, dear friends!