November is the time for all things feline, fuzzy and furry. Time to slink into some sinfully soft spots! 

Can you really wait until Christmas for the luxurious plushness of the Thakoon leopard print jacket? 


If you can not, here are SEVEN perfectly valid reasons you need it now:


1) Just think how much more useful it would be than getting a fur bikini, like good old Raquel Welch did


2) You can wear it again and again -  Kate Moss, who is the boss of the jungle print, shows us that you can wear it pretty much daily and never tire of it


3) Santa could get you that little Aston Martin to match.


4) You could catch a cold if you do not cover up for all those end-of-year cocktails. And no, your trench coat won't work.


5) Next time you run into George Clooney or Leonardo Di Caprio, this is exactly what you should be wearing when your eyes meet. First impression count.


6) You are the perfect Christmas present - you just need to be wrapped up.


7) You REALLY need a REASON?