Ice, Ice Baby

06/30/17 by Katharina Sand

It was a night to remember - celebrating 17 years of SEPTIEME ETAGE chilling with the SEPTIEME SEVEN and Chopard for our Icecubeparty

Pool Party

05/29/17 by Katharina Sand

When people ask you what you are doing on June 1st, just reply : "J'peux pas, j'ai Piscine!". Because that is when we are having our pool party with beachwear designer Hansine of beachwear, consultations by bikini doctor Ursula Lake from Violet Lake, rosé on ice ( = piscines!) by Maison Gutowski, and terrybly chic rosé shimmer by By Terry....

Smoking Samurai - We're having a Kimono Party!

05/10/17 by Katharina Sand

Join us onThursday May 18th

from 4 to 8 pm for the finest of silks

Because your name is Rio

03/07/17 by Katharina Sand

We would be delighted if you could

COPACABANA & CAIPRINHA with us on Thursday March 23rd from 4 pm to 8 pm


for the launch of


with designer Daniella Helayel





inaugurating an exhibition

by Bahia-based artist

Geraldine Belmont






combined with the


lush and edgy Aenko jewels



by designer Roxana Romenko




the world première

of the

luxe bohemian




Beachwear collection


dip into a jungle and cruise cabanas

courtesy of Fleuriot

taste Brazilian flavors courtesy of

samba with us on


& Facebook

or catch the ocean breeze



10 Rue du Perron 1204 Geneva

Because we know your name is


To a New Year full of Infinite Beauty

01/17/17 by Katharina Sand

Instead of gravity, a New Year full of Mayle's alchemy,  as light as lashes. A whole New Year full of gliding over  snow crystals,  slipping into sequins, of dipping into petals and clear waters, silken seams and the blue of cloudless skies.
A new window opening on days  
lush with new lines and volumes and raspberry hues,
fully, infinitely You.

Square but wild. Boxy like a Donald Judd table,
exuding minimalist peacefulness. Striking yet humble.
Contradictory as you are. Get ready to tumble.
See cinnamon moons wander 
and  rise and rise, and in between a bird fluttering 
like in an Aztec bedtime fable. This year is a whole new story...

Completely Cosmic

11/28/16 by Katharina Sand

Astral. Stellar. Divine. Please join us for our Cosmic Christmas Cocktail on December 8th from 3 pm to 8 pm . Experience tantalizing tarot card readings and Happy Hats by EpplaLemonada, explore Personal Cosmos shirts and Cozy Horizon Sweaters by artist Duo Wiedemann Mettler, float into coats like shining metors by designer Lela Scherrer, taste the Milky Way with Cosmic Chocolates by Stettler Chocolatier, sip champagne cocktails in a festive universe ( and much mistletoe) courtesy of Fleuriot, then slip on a gown or two...

Fall. So seasonal.

10/21/16 by Katharina Sand

Knock knock Its. Do you want MORE and EVERYTHING much ? Then you should COME and SEE our fall arrivals. Such NOW such WOW. So Seasonal! Fall is not just for Fondue and pumpkin spice lattes and the thug life in the chalet - time to reap the fall fashion harvest

The Pushpose Transformation

04/04/16 by Katharina Sand

Because SPRING is all about

blossoming and


we could not be more delighted to welcome




The first exhibition of the Brooklyn-based collaborative duo Emma Fletcher and Tamara Schlesinger

takes photography to another dimension – in more ways than one.

Each woman portrayed is both stunningly beautiful – and a woman of substance.

Softer than imposing screen goddesses of days past,

their girlcrush selection ranging from actress Michelle Williams

to Hollywood stylist Heidi Bivens to artist India Salvor Menuez

are all iconic in their own raw and contemporary way.

Each is first photographed and then thoughtfully “pushed” with a personalized tactile technique. Jemima Kirke of “Girls” fame is transformed with a lush sweet collage and then layered over soft velvet, reminiscent of that first sticky sugary cocktail you spilled as a teenager – both sugary sweet and bad ( in the best way).

The Paris Review contributor slash Model pixie Hayley Benton Gates is pleated into a Belle Epoque fan that Marguerite Duras would have used in the sweltering humid heat of pre-war Indochina while hammering away on her typewriter.

Watch this space and our Facebook and Instagram for the luminous and profound facettes of each portrait.

Visit our gallery floor and feel the threedimensional presence of The Pushpose.

Like one of those futurist dinner during which guests were told to stroke velvet as they ingested oranges, listened to the sound of a whirling propeller and inhaled perfume, we believe the work is best taken in while resting on the ingenious tactile “Le Borne” chair and the the textured concave “Le Blanc” by furniture designer and scenographer

Juliette Roduit.

Spring Sings

04/04/16 by Katharina Sand

Hello ? Can you hear it sing? It's spring! That time when all we want is... everything?

Spring Sings

04/03/16 by Katharina Sand

Hello ?

Can you hear it sing?

It's spring!

That time when

all we want is...


Freedom. And denim.

And balloons on a string!


Lace, petals, and airkissing!

So head on right over here dear,

because when you have nothing

to wear

we have wearable

joie de vivre

to make spring



A Sea of Love - and Cheesecake

04/03/16 by Katharina Sand

Time to



and mee-ow.

Yes, it is nearly

Valentine's day,

and - WOWZERS!-

do we have some ideas

for your wishlist.

Because we all need some

some luck'n'love and some

greased lightning,

we have invited the designers

from Studio Mason

to present their collection of rings,

necklaces and charms

( for ladies and gents)


from 12 to 8 pm

with a live

embroidery performance


Wiedemann Mettler :

choose your own unique adjective

while we treat you

to champagne and cheesecake.

In the meantime,

let our latest velvety arrivals

seduce you on our Instagram


just come and try them on



10 Rue du Perron 1204 Geneva

Feel free to bring your kittens and crushes.

Keeping you in stitches

10/20/15 by Katharina Sand

Time for some Superlative Style : The "Flash Basting" collection by Benjamin List. Stitches... all the same, yet all different...Refined and contemplative...Made-to-Order. For Men and Women. SUBLIME. In an age of anonymous and globalized production , we are delighted by the details and the tactile presence of imagination by this graduate of the HEAD Genève.

Paint your Soul

05/07/15 by Katharina Sand

According to Oscar Wilde, "One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art." So let reds smile at blues, lace flirt with silky silhouettes, let satins and tigers uplift you, enjoy a wondrous kaleidoscope of paint, prints and pretty dresses! We would be delighted if you could join us for Fashion and Art Cocktail on Tuesday, May 12th with the designer Jessica Choay and the illustrators Mirjana Farkas, Clara-Popy Matigot, Cecilia Lomholt, Louise Ducatillon

Kaftans and Kimonos

03/14/15 by Katharina Sand

We are delighted to launch the ATELIER 77 collection , designed by dear friends and true gypsetters Caroline and Maha. Their spring collection is all about kaftan cool and kimono chic, Mao collars and harem pants, jumpsuits, velvet capes and leather trousers. Caroline is half Lebanese and half American from Paris. Maha is Moroccan, grew up in Morocco, and lived in Paris also. The two met in Geneva when they married close friends born on the same day. With Oriental backgrounds and many family holidays spent in Morocco and Lebanon, their designs mix their cultural heritage with Parisian boho flair . Atelier 77 clothes are created in Morocco with exquisite savoir-faire passed on through generations. A collection inspired by the East but easy to wear anywhere. Let us dress you to dream with open eyes, talk to the moon, and dance with dragonflies.

May the Art be With You

01/22/15 by Katharina Sand

Feel art, breathe art, wear art . For fifteen years SEPTIEME ETAGE has explored that delicate crucial moment, time and place when fashion artfully transforms our lives.  So it is only befitting that to ring in our 15th Happy New Year and on the occasion of artgenève we present - as the first of 15 collaborations -  the work of two artists.

Irini Karayannopoulou’s latest body of work  YOU AM I  is a series of self-portraits grafted onto old magazine advertisements. Iconic femmes fatales are converted into one woman: the artist is omnipresent. As her canvas, the artist uses quasi-vintage fashion magazines to paint directly on pages where glamorous models advertise beauty products and luxury goods.

Time to Poncho!

10/02/14 by Katharina Sand

What's stopping you? Time to dip into fall! To wrap yourself in plush coats, slather yourself in Nili Lotan cashmere, to poncho with pretty plums and pinks, and glide into gorgeous gowns. Fall. With it, through it, because of it, towards it - into the future.

Let's get sandy

07/09/14 by Katharina Sand

Set the window wide open, drink in the days of summer.

Enjoy lemonades and brocades, gelato and glittery sequins from Alice + Olivia, waterslides and colorbombs in silk from Whit, picking wildflowers in cotton and silk maxi dresses, with salty lips and sandy toes. SUMMER! Taste it, touch it, soak in it. 

It's sooooooo officially spring!

03/19/14 by Katharina Sand

It's time to flick through the pages of spring! Time to start new stories, to be inspired by fresh snapshots of style.
For that evocative elixir of spring beginnings hot off the press. Speaking of which, we are happy to announce the launch of LOFFICIEL Suisse! 



12/04/13 by Louise Schmitz

To walk on air and lose yourself in clouds of wonder, come and experience the SEVENTH HEAVEN CONSTELLATION in our windows by the Indonesian artist collective Sembilan Matahari (  The artists play with the intangible -  elements of snow, rain, and passing clouds as ephemeral as our emotions. We first discovered their work at the Mapping Festival in Geneva and immediately decided to let them take over our holiday windows. 
The visual symphonies of rain and snow can inspire you to perceive your surroundings and yourself differently - just what we need when we are heading into the holiday season and imagining a new year. Thank you Adi Pantum and his team for projecting playfully poetic light onto the future and the now!

Where the Wild Things are

11/21/13 by Katharina Sand

November is the time for all things feline, fuzzy and furry. Time to slink into some sinfully soft spots! 

Can you really wait until Christmas for the luxurious plushness of the Thakoon leopard print jacket? 


If you can not, here are SEVEN perfectly valid reasons you need it now:


1) Just think how much more useful it would be than getting a fur bikini, like good old Raquel Welch did


2) You can wear it again and again -  Kate Moss, who is the boss of the jungle print, shows us that you can wear it pretty much daily and never tire of it


3) Santa could get you that little Aston Martin to match.


4) You could catch a cold if you do not cover up for all those end-of-year cocktails. And no, your trench coat won't work.


5) Next time you run into George Clooney or Leonardo Di Caprio, this is exactly what you should be wearing when your eyes meet. First impression count.


6) You are the perfect Christmas present - you just need to be wrapped up.


7) You REALLY need a REASON? 





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